Advanced Global Imaging Advanced Global Imaging LLC is a Florida-based company with a global reach. We strive to improve patient care by facilitating collaboration of high-quality medical practices and imaging centers world-wide with some of the world s best radiologists and cardiologists who are available to interpret their imaging studies. ip host United States Arizona Scottsdale 85260 03.05.2016 12:31:41

Many medical practices consider adding auxiliary services in their office including imaging. Providing such services improves patient s convenience and ... Imaging in your office - AdvancedGlobalImaging 28.09.2015 05:16:12

There are many reasons to choose Advanced Global Imaging LLC s physician network for your ultrasound service including Why choose Advanced Global Imaging 28.09.2015 05:16:12

Advanced Global Imaging LLC specializes in helping medical practices imaging centers physicians and patients world-wide with all their imaging ... For Physicians - AdvancedGlobalImaging 28.09.2015 05:16:12

Dr. Neyman has been invited to present his work at many peer-reviewed national and international conferences including the following Neyman EG Fishman EK. PEER-REVIEWED ABSTRACTS EXHIBITIONS AND PRESENTATIONS 28.09.2015 05:16:12

Ultrasound is our most requested service. It could be because our Chief of Ultrasound Dr. Edward Neyman is well-known as a go-to radiologist for difficult ... Ultrasound - AdvancedGlobalImaging 28.09.2015 05:16:12

After fellowship completion Dr. Neyman was invited to stay at the Brigham and Women s Hospital as an attending radiologist in the Department of ... Dr. Edward G. Neyman - AdvancedGlobalImaging 28.09.2015 05:16:12

Many physicians are interested in having or starting in-office ultrasound service to improve patient care and business fundamentals in their practice. Ultrasound in medical office - AdvancedGlobalImaging 28.09.2015 05:16:12